Book review: The Gigantic Giant Goof-Up, by Sarah Courtauld

Sarah Courtauld. The Gigantic Giant Goof-Up. (Buckle and Squash series, book 2) Feiwel and Friends, 2015. $14.99.  ISBN 978-1-250-05279-7. 187 p. Gr. 2 – 5. P9Q9

courtauld-gigantic-giant-goofupLaugh out loud hijinks ensue as Courtauld weaves a deft fractured fairy tale of two feuding sisters who both can’t get what they want, a goat who eats everything, a magic snail who grants wishes, and a giant who takes up the sisters’ farm house and turns it into a dollhouse for his daughter.

Verdict: You want this book in your collection.  The writing is clever and humorous.  The book is quick paced and the jokes are of a sufficient depth to delight many levels of readers.


October 2016 review by Shelly Jones.


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