Book review: Once Upon a Frog, by Sarah Mlynowski

Mlynowski, Sarah.  Once Upon A Frog. (Whatever After series, #8) Scholastic Press, 2016. $14.99. ISBN 978-0-545-74660-1. 159 p. Gr. 3-7. P8Q8

mlynowski-once-upon-a-frogSiblings, Abby and Jonah, have discovered a magical mirror in their basement.  Despite promising their parents that they won’t use it, they do and it transports them into a fairy tale world.  They’re expected to help complete the fairy tale with the occasional help of a fairy godmother (absent in this volume).  This adventure is a retelling of the Frog Prince.

Verdict: This is a fast paced novel.  With more development and references to the original fairy tale, this could be a much longer tome, but Mlynowski keeps the pace moving and gives a satisfying, abbreviated version of the original.  Abby and Jonah have to solve their own problems and prove characters that are relatable.

October 2016 review by Shelly Jones.


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