Book review: Agatha Parrot and the Odd Street School Ghost, by Kjartan Poskitt, with art by Wes Hargis

Poskitt, Kjartan. Agatha Parrot and the Odd Street School Ghost. With art by Wes Hargis. Clarion Books, 2014. $16.99. ISBN 978-0-544-50672-5. 147 p. Gr. 2-5. P7Q4

poskitt-agatha-parrotWhen the school bells ring uncontrollably Agatha and her friends become convinced a ghost is haunting the school.  Other odd incidents send the entire student body into a frenzy until Mrs. Twelvetrees, the school’s principal, offers an evening of exploration and debunking of the unexplained events.  Agatha and her friends discover the true reason the bells ring and also feel justification when a particularly unpleasant classmate receives a comeuppance.

Verdict: The line spacing makes the text easy to follow.  The printing of the book included different sizes of font to emphasize certain points.  The author pulled in the reader with almost text like use of “Ha ha” and messages written as asides.  The illustrations by Wes Hargis enhance the story with humor.  It might have been a plot device to make the narrator sound like a young student, but the author repeatedly misused the pronouns “me” and “I”.  It got to the point where I was distracted from the narrative while trying to mentally rewrite the material.

October 2016 review by Shelly Jones.


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