Book review: It’s a Wonderful Death, by Sarah J. Schmitt

Schmitt, Sarah J.  It’s a Wonderful Death.  Sky Pony, 2015.  328 pages. $17.99. ISBN:  978-1-63450-173-6.  Ages 12+.  P7 Q8

schmitt-wonderful-deathThe beginning of this book was quite comical.  With a girl calling the grim reaper a liar and making a mistake with her death, RJ goes through the story with her queen bee attitude, trying to prove herself worthy of going back to her life.  The familiar characters of the afterlife, each having their own strong personalities that add to the story and the interference of RJ’s goal, is written in modern time with the way the characters act, dress, and talk to each other.  This story is a reminder to all that read it that we do touch the lives of the people we meet and we can make a difference no matter how small to the ones around us.  There are some predictable outcomes throughout the book.  Towards the end, it just all wraps up into a satisfying conclusion to someone’s meaningful decisions in their life.  This book will appeal to older middle school and high school students.  There are social dynamics that many can relate to that allow the reader to form a bond with RJ.  I was definitely rooting for her by the end of the book!

March 2016 review by Fawn Ferguson.


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