Book review: Where Will I Live?, by Rosemary McCarney

McCarney, Rosemary. Where Will I Live? (Advance reading copy.) Second Story Press, release date April 2017. Unpaged.  $19.95. ISBN 9781772600285. Ages 4-7. P7Q7

mccarney-where-will-i-livePairing photographs with the simple questions that child readers might ask, Rosemary McCarney, Canada’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, offers a picture book for young children to explain and humanize the plight of refugee children.  With the term ‘refugee’ a regular part of the nightly news, young children already have questions—will they be safe?, what happens if they lose their homes?, should we share our houses with refugees?—and this book shows the humanity of those children who have lost their homes.

Verdict: Highly recommended for preschool, elementary and public libraries.  If using this book for storytimes, be prepared for questions and discussion, even with very young children.

February 2017 review by Jane Cothron.


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