Book review: Hilo: The Great Big Boom, by Judd Winick

Winick, Judd. Hilo – The Great Big Boom. (Hilo series, #3) Random House, 2017. $13.99. 208p. ISBN 978-0-385-38620-3. Ages 6-9. P8Q8

winnick-great-big-boomThe intrepid trio returns in the third book of the series (The Boy Who Crashed to Earth and Saving the Whole Wide World), and when D.J. and Hilo follow Gina into another world where she has been sucked into a portal at the end of the last book. Much of the book pursues Hilo’s struggle to regain his memory of how he changed from a robot committing crimes against humanity while he was attached to the evil control Razorwark to a boy-like creature trying to help people.

Verdict: Like earlier books in the series, the colorful graphic novel is full of adventure but also deals with emotions and friendship. Hilo is complex, but likable, and the book provides ethnic diversity.

January 2017 review by Nel Ward.


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