Book review: Madeline Finn and the Library Dog, by Lisa Papp

Papp, Lisa. Madeline Finn and the Library Dog. Peachtree, 2016. $16.95. ISBN 9781561459100. Unpaged. Ages 4-8. P8Q8

papp-madeline-finn-and-the-library-dogMadeline absolutely doesn’t like to read- not books, or magazines, or even the menu on the ice cream truck. Reading out loud at school is a particular struggle for her. She can’t figure out the words, gets laughed at by other students, and never gets a star from the teacher, only Keep Trying. Everything changes for Madeline when the town librarian asks her to try reading to a dog. Bonnie the dog doesn’t judge or get impatient when Madeline mixes up letters or gets nervous. Eventually, reading gets easier, and Madeline makes a breakthrough- and she gets a gold star from the teacher. The pencil and watercolor illustrations are soft and appealing and help to tell this sweet story. VERDICT: Struggling readers will identify with Madeline, and the book may give parents and teachers valuable insight into the struggle some kids experience when learning to read.

January 2017 review by Carol Schramm.


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