Book review: The Wonder, by Faye Hanson

Hanson, Faye. The Wonder. Templar Books, 2014 (US edition 2015). $16.99. ISBN 9780763679576. Unpaged. Ages 3-7. P8Q8

hanson-wonderThe boy in the book goes through his day with his head in the clouds, wondering about things. He’s continually told to pay attention, to wake up, to stop daydreaming. That is, until he goes to his art class and is told to use his imagination, and is praised for his beautiful ideas. I love that the author talks about how important imagination is, and we see that this is some people’s strength. The artwork is gorgeous. A lot of it is in brown and sepia tones, with soft shading and whimsical characters. The pieces from the boy’s imagination are in brighter colors, and become brighter and more wonderful as the book progresses and he uses his imagination more and more. VERDICT: This is a great book for young readers, and should make a good readaloud- it will appeal to the dreamers out there.

January 2017 review by Carol Schramm.


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