Book review: The Devil’s Banshee, by Donna Hosie

Hosie, Donna. The Devil’s Banshee. (The Devil’s series, #3) Holiday House, 2016. 288 pgs. Ages 13 and up. ISBN 978-0823436507. P8 Q8.

hosie-devils-bansheeIn the third book of this popular series, team DEVIL finds themselves on a search for The Devil’s wife, who left him “to go find herself.” If the team cannot locate her, they face  losing Elinor, whom Alfarin has loved for centuries during their time in Hell. Their search takes them through the nine circles of Hell, where each member must face their greatest fears. WIll they survive the struggle and save Elinor? Not without a little help, that’s for sure.

This installment of the series stands well on its own, but is reflective of the engaging writing found in all titles of this popular YA series. Readers familiar with Dante’s Inferno will find the descriptions of the circles of Hell engaging and vivid, while those who are unfamiliar might find their interest piqued. While there is a strong romantic thread tying the story together, there is enough action to keep adventure lovers reading until the end. A good addition to the collection for young paranormal and fantasy fans.

January 2017 review by Sudi Stodola.


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