Book review: Little Red, by Bethan Woollvin

Woollvin, Bethan. Little Red. Peachtree, 2016. unp. $16.95. ISBN: 978-1-56145-917-9. Gr. 1+. P8 Q8

woollvin-little-redLittle Red Riding Hood is a classic fairy tale, to which most know the ending. This is an updated version in which Little Red is a strong character who has figured out what the wolf is up to. She is determined to fix the wolf once and for all. All the classic lines are there, “Oh Grandma what big eyes you have and Oh Grandma what big teeth you have.” The expected ending however is not there as the last illustration shows Little Red dressed in the wolf’s fur. The illustrations are simple with the colors of red, gray white and black being used. The illustrations on one page showing Little Red checking out grandma’s house by looking through the window was hilarious.

Verdict: I loved this updated version of Little Red, how nice to see a courageous girl who could not be duped.

November 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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