Book review: Superhero Instruction Manual, by Kristy Dempsey, illustrated by Mark Fearing

Dempsey, Kristy. Superhero instruction manual. Illustrated by Mark Fearing.  Alfred A. Knopf, 2016. unp. $16.99. ISBN:978-0-385-75534-4. Gr. 2+. P8 Q8

dempsey-superhero-instruction-manualThey say that everybody dreams of being a super hero. My son didn’t, he wanted to be a ghost buster. But then all children are different. If a being super hero is your dream, however, in just 7 easy lessons your dream can be fulfilled.  The colored illustrations will have children howling with laughter as they learn that it is kindness and helping that are the true lessons to being a superhero. The best point was that you learn that sisters too can be a superheroes.

Verdict: This book is a great tool to help children realize that girls and boys can reach for their dreams by using kindness and being helpful.

November 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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