Book review: Drum Dream Girl, by Margarita Engle, illustrated by Rafael Lopez

Engle, Margarita. Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl’s Courage Changed Music. Illustrated by Rafael Lopez. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016. unp. $16.99. ISBN:978-0-544-10229-3. Gr. 2+. P8 Q8

engle-drum-dream-girlWomen have struggled for equal rights for as long as I can remember. This story is based on a life of a Chinese-African-Cuban girl on the island of Cuba who dreamed of playing the conga drums. This was a tradition that only boys were allowed to do. The rhyming text tells of the dream of a girl, who did break this tradition and became the first girl to play the tall conga drums. The illustrations are bright neon colors that help in telling the story.

Verdict: This would be a great book to use not only in an art class but also a history classes when introducing a unit of women’s suffrage.

November 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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