Book review: The Fletcher Family Takes Rock Island, by Dana Alison Levy

Levy, Dana Alison. The Fletcher Family Takes Rock Island. (Family Fletcher series, #2) Delacorte Press, 2016. $16.99.  ISBN   978-0-553-52130-6. 259 pgs.  Editor’s Notes.  Ages 10-13. P7/Q8

levy-family-fletcher-takes-rock-islandThis book has humor, nostalgia, diversity, life lessons, and even a mystery to solve. The Fletcher family includes 2 dads, 4 adopted boys, 2 cats, and 1 dog.  They head off to their vacation home at Rock Island where everything that was familiar and routine has suddenly changed.  A main point is that the lighthouse next to their house that they would play in is all fenced up.  Why is it fenced up?  Who is the new owner? The humor of how the family adapts to the changes in their summer vacation spot is entertaining.  Life lessons are learned dealing with how to except change, trying new things, living in a diverse family and realizing there is prejudice in the world and also conquering fears.  There’s even a villain in the plot that the Fletcher boys expose by the end of the story.

November 2016 review by Helyn Layton.


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