Book review: Milk Goes to School, by Terry Border

Border, Terry.  Milk Goes To School. Philomel Books/Penguin Random House, 2016.  $17.99. ISBN 978-0-399-17619-7. 30 pgs. Ages 3-7. P7/Q7

border-milk-goes-to-schoolThis is a story of trying to fit in and make friends in a clever way using puns and familiar foods.  All the characters are real food such as a cupcake, waffle, an egg, chicken nuggets, and the main character is a small carton of milk who her father says is the “Crème de la crème”.  Milk keeps saying the wrong things that make her classmates upset.  She doesn’t mean to.  She truly has good intentions, and by the end of the book all the misunderstandings get cleared up. All the photos are done with digital art work using three-dimensional objects.  This is a story that young readers will enjoy and find funny.  Some of the puns may go over their heads, but will be amusing to adults reading to their young ones.

November 2016 review by Helyn Layton.


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