Book review: The Wizard of Dark Street, by Shawn Thomas Odyssey

Odyssey, Shawn Thomas. The Wizard of Dark Street. (Oona Crate Mystery, #1) Egmont, 2011. $16.99. ISBN-13: 978-1606843864. 346 p. Gr 4 – 7. P7Q7

odyssey-wizard-of-dark-streetAfter Oona, a young wizard’s apprentice, whose lifelong dream is to become a detective, signed off her apprentice rights, her uncle, the wizard, was hit by a mind throwing dagger and disappeared.  The suspects are the five people applying to be the next wizard’s apprentice.  Throughout the investigation, Oona find out that her uncle was at the top of a large tower in the form of a toad, the witch Sanora Crone stole the dagger along with a dress, the lawyer, Mr. Ravensmith, threw the dagger while watching from behind a painting, and the criminal Red Martain was responsible.  Recommended to anyone who likes fantasy and mystery.

September 2016 review by student: D. S.


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