Book review: Nobody Likes a Goblin, by Ben Hatke

Hatke, Ben. Nobody Likes a Goblin. First Second. 2016. $17.99. 40p. ISBN 9781626720817. Ages 4-7. P9Q8

hatke-nobody-likes-a-goblinThe lovable but ugly green-faced creature from Julia’s House for Lost Creatures starts his day with standard chores and going off to visit friend Skeleton, but chaos descends when adventurers take the contents of the dungeon, including Skeleton. In pursuit of the thieves, Goblin is warned by a neighboring troll that “nobody likes a goblin,” and both elves and humans chase the squatty creature with a serious underbite. Luckily other goblins join Goblin because of the crown he wears, and they save the day. Little readers will laugh at Goblin’s peculiarities—the boot he eats for breakfast, his rat pets, his subterranean home, etc.—and share his desire to save his friend as well as appreciating that heroes come in odd shapes. Detailed background, including small dragons, add more fun to the story.

Fall 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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