Book review: Lucy, by Randy Cecil

Cecil, Randy. Lucy. Candlewick. 2016. $19.99. 144p. ISBN 9780763668082. Ages 5-10. P9Q9

cecil-lucyOil illustrations in soft black and gray tones follow the wishes of a dog searching for a home, a girl who wants friendship, and her father who wants to stop panicking in front of an audience. The first two acts have the same pattern: Lucy goes to the entrance of an apartment building to wait for the sausage that Eleanor lowers from her second-floor window, and the juggler is successful until he has an audience. The third act changes the pace and patterned lives of the protagonists, and the brief last act solves the problems of a homeless dog, a lonely girl, and a man with stage fright. Drawings and details create an entire town surrounding the reader in this combination of picture and chapter book.

Fall 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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