Book review: Joseph’s Grace, by Shelia P. Moses

Moses, Shelia P. Joseph’s Grace. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2011. $16.99. ISBN 978-1-4169-3942-9. 153 p. Gr. 6 – 12. P7Q8

moses-josephs-graceJoseph’s cousin has recently been shot by his mom’s drug dealing boyfriend.  Joseph, a sophomore in high school, is dealing with that loss, along with his father’s deployment to Afghanistan.  Joseph hasn’t been able to speak to his father in over a year.  His mom is trying to avoid the family for she was the reason that Joseph’s cousin died.  He is in a battle to keep his family together… a battle that he fights by himself.

Review by student: S. I.-B.

Editor’s note: In this sequel to Joseph, Shelia P. Moses continues the story of Joseph Flood, now a sophmore in Durham, N.C., whose father has deployed to Iraq and whose mother is addicted to cocaine.  Now living with his aunt, uncle, and cousin Jasmine, Joseph tries to balance his new life.  As Joseph’s mother tries to get off drugs, her sometime boyfriend shows up and kills Jasmine, leaving the family struggling with their grief.  Other reviews note that although the characters are not well developed and the language is simplistic, the compelling story will appeal to reluctant readers, especially boys.



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