Book review: A Dog Day for Susan, by Maureen Fergus, illustrated by Monica Arnaldo

Fergus, Maureen.  A Dog Day for Susan.  Illustrated by Monica Arnaldo. Owlkids Books, 2016.  $18.95.  ISBN 978-1-77147-144-2.  32 p.  Grades PreK-2. P7Q8

fergus-dog-day-for-susanSpencer and his dog, Barney, meet Great-Aunt Alice and her stuffy dog, Susan.  Spencer and his family are very surprised at how little Susan acts like a dog.  She won’t sniff, eats people food off of plates and doesn’t even wag her tail!  The Spencer and Barney decide to spend the day teaching Susan how to be a real dog by taking her to the dog park, letting her eat garbage, and getting dirty.  The boy and the 2 dogs end up great friends much to Great-Aunt Alice’s dismay.

Verdict:  I really enjoyed this book.  The child and the dogs are very lovable and you really want Susan to get a feel for being a dog that belongs to a boy that loves to play and get dirty instead of the repressed dog she is in the beginning of the story.  I think boys and girls will love this book and parents will find it is pretty cute too.  I think the underlying message that you should express yourself and not hold everything in is subtle but easy to understand.  The pictures are a lot of fun too!

October 2016 review by Vanessa Clausing.


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