Book review: The Last Place on Earth, by Carol Snow

Snow, Carol. The Last Place on Earth. Henry Holt and Company, 2016. $16.99. ISBN 9781627790390. 300 pgs. Ages 10+. P7Q7.

Snow Last Place on EarthWhen Daisy’s best friend Henry, who is famous for pretending to be sick and skipping school, disappears without letting Daisy know what’s happening, and other people disappear too, she gets very worried. She enlists the help of her older brother to track Henry and his family down. The story is fast paced and interesting- it took me a while to understand that Henry’s family (and some other families too) have been preparing for an apocalyptic event, stockpiling food and supplies. Daisy eventually finds Henry and the others in a compound deep in the forest. They believe that a pandemic is going to wipe out the population and the only way to stay safe is by hiding out until it passes them by. It turns out that there is a disease killing people, but a cure is found and the end of the world is avoided. The characters are interesting and the idea of a deadly disease that can’t be controlled is definitely of interest these days. Daisy is a great character- she is a girl with few practical life skills (she doesn’t know how to peel potatoes or clean a bathroom) but she has courage, loyalty, and intelligence. I felt like some of the other characters could have been developed more fully, but young readers will find this an easy and engaging read.

June 2016 review by Carol Schramm.


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