Book review: Shadow Scale, by Rachel Hartman

Hartman, Rachel. Shadow Scale. Random, 2015. $28.99. 608p. ISBN 978-0-375866-57-9. Ages 13-17. P7Q8

Hartman Shadow ScaleIn Seraphina (2012), the protagonist came to terms with her half-dragon and half-human heritage, but she feels compelled to be engaged in a civil war between progressive and old guard dragons. She comes to terms with her visions of other half-dragons through a mental garden, but her uncle is missing, and Jannoula, a powerful half-dragon is taking over everyone with an evil purpose. Seraphina Dombegh, 16, is one of the half-breed ityasaari, who is forced to hide her dragon background. Mixed with Phina’s need to solve the problems of her world is her love for Prince Lucian, complicated by the Queen’s love for her. The extensive number of diverse characters, intricate plotting, and surprising twists will keep the reader involved in this rich, multi-layered fantasy that includes a map, list of characters, and glossary while hinting at a sequel.

May 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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