Book review: Knife Edge, by Andrew Lane

Lane, Andrew. Knife Edge. [Young Sherlock Holmes series.] FSG, 2016. $18.99. 341p. ISBN 978-0-374-38011-3. Ages 11-14. P9 Q8

Lane Knife EdgeIn the sixth book about Sherlock Holmes as a young teenager, his ship lands at Galway (Ireland) after the evil Paradol Chamber shanghais him to meet great dangers and adventure in China. Brother Mycroft immediately immerses the two of them in another escapade at an Irish castle where the owner tries to auction off the abilities of Ambrose Albano, a psychic who claims to communicate with spirits who can act as spies. After Mycroft is injured by a blow on the head, Sherlock is left to solve the questions about how Adano performs his tricks and save people from the mythical Dark Beast who has recently returned to terrify people. The Victorian venture brings back earlier characters, including his beloved Virginia who has become engaged during Sherlock’s absence and Amyus Crowe who returns as the rough American also bidding on Albano. As in the other books, a tightly written plot is filled with wicked villains and the fascinating methods that Sherlock uses to solve problems. Young readers will enjoy the descriptions of spiritual shenanigans and the secrets to magical tricks. Multiple murders and witty narrative move the plot forward. P9 Q8

May 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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