Book review: A Bitter Magic, by Roderick Townley

Townley, Roderick. A Bitter Magic. Random House, 2015.  $16.99. ISBN 9780449816493. 304 pages. Ages 9-12. Q7P6

Townley Bitter MagicRoderick Townley captures a daughter’s desire for love and acceptance by her family, her pain in realizing her mother did not have her best interests at heart, and the strength to rise above the person her mother was (and wanted her to be), to become a person who “performs miracles” out of kindness instead of using magic for personal gain.  The author also delivers a tentative look at first love that doesn’t overwhelm the intended storyline, and adds to the endearing, quirky nature of Cisley.

April 2016 review by Terri Lippert.


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