Book review: The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party, by Shannon & Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Hale, Shannon & Hale, Dean. The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party. Illustrated by LeUyen Pham. Candlewick Press, 2015. $14.99. ISBN 9780763665111. 87 pgs. Ages 5-8. P8Q8

Hale Perfect Princess PartyPrincess Magnolia is having a birthday party, and has invited all her princess friends. She wants everything to be perfect, but every time she gets ready to open presents, her monster alarm goes off. So, she makes an excuse, slips away, changes into her Princess in Black outfit, deals with the monster and returns to her party. It is hilarious to watch her get progressively more irritated and bedraggled- her hair is messier and messier, and she ends up with her party dress on and backwards toward the end. The illustrations are funny and help the reader follow the story, and the text is fast paced and entertaining. I like these books. It’s interesting to see a character that has two very different personas, the girly-girl and the un-squeamish super hero.

May 2016 review by Carol Schramm.


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