Book review: Tangled Webs, by Lee Bross

Bross, Lee. Tangled Webs. Disney/Hyperion, 2015. $17.99. 304p. 9781423184232. Ages 14-16. P7Q7

Bross Tangled WebsTrained as the mysterious Lady A, orphaned Arista gathers secrets from wealthy Londoners at high-society parties so that her handler, Bones, can blackmail them. She makes him a fortune, but the imprisoned girl is trapped in this life until her protector, another orphan named Nic, gives her a chance to get away. She ends up with a wealthy middle-class family where she falls in love with the older son who offers her a chance to leave England on the high seas. Yet even her masquerade as a boy can’t keep her safe as Bones, thought to be dead in a fire, seeks her to retrieve the secrets that she stole. When excitement is high, the romance is a fun read.

April 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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