Book review: Escape from Lucien ; Firelight, by Kazu Kibuishi

Kibuishi, Kazu. Escape from Lucien. (Amulet series, volume 6) Scholastic/Graphix, 2014. $12.99. 224p. 9780545433150. Ages 9-13. P8Q8

—————. Firelight. (Amulet series, volume 7) Scholastic/Graphix, 2014. $24.99. 200p. 9780545839662. Ages 9-13. P8Q8

Kibuishi Escape from LucienThese two books, #6 and #7, continue the Amulet graphic saga about Emily Hayes, who discovers the magical object in her great-grandfather’s house. With her younger brother, Navin, and their mother, Karen, she goes into the world of Alledia to help allies defeat the evil Elf King. Escape is set in Lucien, a city ravaged by war, where EmKibuishi Firelight finds a huge number of enemies and she is taken with Trellis and Vigo into the Void by the Elf King’s loyal servant, Max. In the next volume, Firelight, the trio journey to Algos Island and encounter Gabilan, sent after them by the Elf King during their search for Cielis. The plot of this book provides a great deal of backstory about the Amulet Keepers and the accident that killed Emily’s father while Navin and his crew try to evade the Elves and reunite with his mother. Clean, bright, vivid illustrations advance the adventure in an epic fantasy of good versus evil. In 2014, the author/illustrator announced that the series will have nine volumes, but he started with just one—leaving the number of books in the series up in the air.

April 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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