Book review: Dare to Disappoint: Growing Up in Turkey, by Ozge Samanci

Samanci, Ozge. Dare to Disappoint: Growing Up in Turkey. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015. $16.99 200p. 9780374316983. Ages 14+. P8Q9

Samanci Dare to DisappointTurkish turbulent politics in the late 20th century combine with a search for a career in the author/illustrator’s graphic memoir of her childhood when her father believed her future lay only through hard work in a prestigious high school. That path worked for Ozge’s older sister, Pelin, but led only to failure for Ozge. Only when a friend points out the charm of her doodling line drawings does she find her destiny. Samanci’s drawings are mixed with stamps, rocks, paper, etc. to give a picture of a world foreign to most readers in the U.S. while her relationships with family and friends follow universal themes. She now lives in Portland (OR), and readers will hope for a sequel about her life in this country. P8Q9

April 2016 review by Nel Ward.



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