Book review: Omaha Beach on D-Day, by Jean-David Morvan and Severine Trefouel, illustrated by Dominique Bertail, translated by Edward Gauvin

Morvan, Jean-David and Severine Trefouel. Omaha Beach on D-Day. Illus. Dominique Bertail. Photos. Robert Capa. Trans. Edward Gauvin. First Second, 2015. $24.99. 200p. 9781626722835. Ages 12+. P9Q9

Morvan Omaha BeachOn June 6, 1944, 156,000 troops landed on a Normandy beach during World War II—the biggest seaborne invasion in history. Although 2,500 of them died, that day began the liberation of German-occupied Europe. Although other photographers shot the scene from afar, Robert Capa (1913-54) was the only one n the midst of the invasion. Of the four rolls he shot, only ten images survived because of an error in processing the film. These photographs are included in this black and white graphic biography of Capa’s participation, both before and during; an essay relating Capa’s other achievements includes other of his photographs and pictures of him as a war photographer. This French import can be appreciated on many levels—adventure, bravery, photographic journalism, and respect for the men who fought to keep the United States safe.

April 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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