Book review: Our Moon: New Discoveries about Earth’s Closest Companion, by Elaine Scott

Scott, Elaine. Our Moon: New Discoveries about Earth’s Closest Companion. Clarion, 2016. $18.99. 72p. 9780547483948. Ages 10-14. 

Scott Our MoonMaps, portraits, photos, diagrams, and artists’ perceptions of space scenes extend the discussion in this large-format book to show changes in centuries of people discovering, observing, and exploring the magical “man in the moon” as inventions made it easier to observe. One fascinating chapter refers to the moon as the “Earth’s Sister” and explains how much can be learned from the moon about the earth because the moon has not changed during the past millions of years in the way that the earth has. Sidebars and features—both single- and double-page—add information including “Astronauts as Geologists” and the phases of the moon. From the “giant impact theory” through examination of the 800 pounds of moon rocks from the 1969 Apollo mission to NASA’s unstaffed 21st-century missions, the book follows the science of craters, radioactive dating, a planet’s atmosphere, and far more. Up to date and detailed, this view of discoveries, historical information, and scientific theory and fact is an important addition for library collections.

April 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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