Book review: Explore Fossils!: With 25 Great Projects, by Cynthia Light Brown and Grace Brown

Brown, Cynthia Light and Grace Brown. Explore Fossils! With 25 Great Projects. (Series: Explore Your World). Illus. Bryan Stone. Nomad, 2016. $14.95. 96p. 978-1-61930-335-5. Ages 8-11. P8Q8

Brown Explore FossilsA brown bear (?) and a green pterosaur conduct the readers through the history of the earth as identified by geologists, archaeologists, and paleontologists—with explanations of these terms and many more. The clear explanations begin with a timeline that provides information for each unit of the geologic timescale and then move on to types of fossils, the process of their formation, and ways to identify times such as radiometric dating. Although the title uses only the term “fossils,” two chapters are also devoted to dinosaurs, always a subject of delight for young readers. Exercises are involving as readers can create their own plaster fossils, coal, a lava flow, an asteroid impact, and radiometric dating through the use of popcorn. The authors understand their audience and how to engage them while providing definitions and incidental facts.

April 2016 review by Nel Ward.


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