Book review: More Caps for Sale, by Anne Marie Mulhearn Sayer, illustrated by Esphyr Slobodkina

Mulhearn Sayer, Anne Marie. Illustrated by Esphyr Slobodkina. More Caps for Sale: Another Tale of Mischievous Monkeys. Harper, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, 2015. $18.99. 9780062405456. Ages 4-8. P9 Q8

Slobodkina More Caps for SaleA popular hat peddler is reunited with some familiar monkeys in this newly published sequel to the original Caps for Sale, published in 1940. Written and illustrated by the original author and her long-time assistant, More Caps for Sale has that instantly recognizable visual quality of Esphyr Slobodkina’s graphic art. After we are reintroduced to the peddler unlike any other peddler, the story continues from where it previously left off. Mischievous monkeys are following him and mimicking his every move. Although, in this sequel, it is not only the monkeys who are inspired to ape. With the help of his primate cohort,  can the once hapless hatter be redeemed? Though this story was published after Slobodkina’s death, it is through Anne Marie Mulhearn Sayer’s vast knowledge of Slobodkina’s work that it is illustrated and written. An informative description of the women’s friendship and process is included in the book.

April 2016 review by Lillian Curanzy.


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