Book review: Jackrabbit McCabe & the Electric Telegraph, by Lucy Rozier, illustrated by Leo Espinosa

Rozier, Lucy. Jackrabbit McCabe & the electric telegraph. Illus. Leo Espinosa. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2015. unp. $17.99. ISBN:978-0-385-37843-7. Gr. 1+. P8 Q8

Rozier Jackrabbit McCabeJackrabbit McCabe was born with legs that were so long that his father had to put an extra axle on the buggy to accommodate them. As he grew, so did those long legs. It just seemed natural that anyone with those legs would be a fast runner. Jackrabbit McCabe was just that–the fastest runner in the town of Windy Flats. He was so fast that he could outrun the train, but was he as fast as the new telegraph that was coming to town? A race was suggested to prove who or what was faster. I found myself cheering for Jackrabbit to win. But alas, the telegraph was faster and Jackrabbit was extremely sad until they offered him a job as the first telegraph clerk in town. The illustrations rendered in pencil and Adobe Photoshop enhance this story of long-legged Jackrabbit McCabe.

January 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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