Book review: Attack of the Alien Horde, by Robert Venditti, illustrated by Dusty Higgins

Verditti, Robert. Attack of the alien horde. (Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape series, #1) Illustrated by Dusty Higgins. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2015. 299 pgs. ISBN:978-1-4814-0542-3. Gr. 5+. P7 Q9

Venditti Attack of the Alien HordeI have always loved the character, Superman, which I read in comics first and then saw in the movies. This book has a superhero, Gilded, the man with the golden cape. He has helped Earth for a long time but he dies from injuries that he sustains from a fight with the Gaarls, a race that thrives on the disgusting, green snooty slime that they hurl through their noses. Miles Taylor is a witness to the fight and to Gilded’s death. Gilded gives him the golden cape and the task of protecting Earth and its inhabitants. The problem is figuring out how he does anything because Gilded dies before any instructions are given. Taylor has to learn how to navigate his school life with his secret life as Gilded. This is something that any 12 year-old boy would find difficult so he asks Henry, a boy who was in  detention with him reading a Gilded comic book, to help him. The book is wonderful and has comic style, black and white illustrations, which draw the reader further into the story.

January 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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