Book review: Simple Machines, by D.J. Ward, illustrated by Mike Lowery

Ward, D.J. Simple Machines. Illustrated by Mike Lowery. (Let’s Read and Find Out series, level 2 science) HarperCollins, 2015. $17.99. ISBN 978-0-06-232148-0. 36 pages. Ages 6-12. P9Q8

Ward Simple MachinesOur lives are full of machines. They help make work easier.  For example, when you need to lift something heavy or reach high places.  Some machines are simple and may not be thought of as machines.  The lever, wheel and axle, pulley, ramp, and wedge are examples of simple machines.  This book is full of visuals to complement the science language.  There is a visual to show how a lever with the right length and correct fulcrum position could assist in lifting an elephant. There is another visual of multiple pulleys being used to lift heavier loads, a rhinoceros!  There is a lever experiment that can be performed in the classroom with an eraser, ruler, and pennies.  Lastly, there is a list of websites to continue learning with science inquiry.

February 2016 review by Penny McDermott.


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