Book review: Meltdown Madness, by David Lubar, illustrated by Matt Loveridge

Lumbar, David. Meltdown Madness. Illustrated by Matt Loveridge. (Looniverse series, #2) (Branches series) Scholastic Inc., 2013. $4.99. ISBN 978-0-545-49604-9. 90 pages. Ages 6-10. P7Q5

Lubar Meltdown MadnessThis is book two out of four in In the Looniverse series, a part of Scholastic’s early chapter book series, Branches.  Ed needs to raise money so that he can join the soccer team.  He chooses to sell chocolate bars instead of wrapping paper or mixed nuts. Ed realizes he has made a mistake with the blazing sun and weight of the box. His chocolate bars are going to be a mess in this heat. Ed thinks that he has the answer to the dilemma when he asks his friend Mouse to take the box of chocolate to his house as fast as possible. Mouse leaves Moose and Ed on their butts and as for Ed on both his butt and the magic coin in his pocket.  There are several references to the magic “Silver Center,” the magic coin in this book.  Ed has to watch what he says because the coin’s magic takes his words as literal. Mouse’s speed and the heat liquify the chocolate bars. Soon, the heat turns to arctic weather. What is Ed to do regarding money for soccer and his unsellable chocolate bars?

February 2016 review by Penny McDermott.


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