Book review: Becoming Babe Ruth, by Matt Tavers

Tavares, Matt. Becoming Babe Ruth. (Candlewick Biographies series) Candlewick Press, 2013. $4.99. ISBN 978-0-7636-8768-7. 40 pages. Ages 5-9. P8Q8 

Tavares Becoming Babe RuthSeven year old George Herman Ruth was an unruly rascal–skipping school, throwing tomatoes at passing wagons, and stealing money from stores. Desperate for George to make better choices, his parents enroll him in Saint Mary’s Industrial School for Boys.  Though George does not like following rules, he soon finds himself in a boarding school with very precise rules. Despite the strict rules at Saint Mary’s, George gets to play baseball every day. George quickly picks up the moniker Babe Ruth because of his youth. He keeps his new moniker as well as quickly becoming the biggest celebrity in New York City. Author’s note includes historical accounts, bibliography, pitching and hitting statistics and an index.

February 2016 review by Penny McDermott.


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