Book review: Spectacular Spots, by Susan Stockdale

Stockdale, Sarah. Spectacular Spots. Peachtree, 2015. $15.95. ISBN 978-1-56145-817-2. 26 pages. Ages 2-4. P8 Q9

Stockdale Spectacular SpotsBeautiful and intelligently simple, this book of rhyme and alliteration provides examples of animals with spots and why they occur. It tells an engaging tale with added scientific value. While each page has only 2 to seven words, there story told is appropriate for preschoolers. Not only are the illustrations stylish, colorful and captivating, but the words are simple enough for very early readers to handle. Then, at the end, there is a glossary with the picture of each animal and a detailed description of how each animal, their color, and/or spots serve a purpose in nature. There is also a game at the very end that asks the reader to find the animals that belong to each example of the spots depicted in the previous pages. This added “extra” will engage readers to explore the information further and to read the book again and again for its fun and educational appeal.

March 2016 review by Devonee Trivett.


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