Book review: A Friend for Bo, Elisabeth Zuniga

Zuniga, Elisabeth. A Friend for Bo. Random House, 2016. $21.99. ISBN 978-0-5535098-4. 30 pages. Ages 2-6. P8 Q7

Zuniga Friend for BoThis is a sweet, rather silly book about a likable bunny who finds an egg and befriends it. The bunny takes the egg, which he names “Rollie,” on several adventures where they see butterflies, have a picnic and take a river boat ride. The story seems somehow secondary to the cheerful, watercolor images that depict a bubbly world of springtime bliss. The author has specialized in painting and illustrations in as a decorator. According to her website, this is her first picture book for the illustrator turned writer. It’s a nice springtime story of friendship for both librarians and parents to read aloud. Librarians will find it worth the time to purchase and check out, as it will appeal to an audience of children pre-K. While it’s a little silly, it’s also pleasant, humorous, original and appropriate for this age group.

March 2016 review by Devonee Trivett.


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