Book review: The Race Around the World, by Nancy Castaldo, illustrated by Wesley Lowe

Castaldo, Nancy. The Race Around the World. Illustrated by Wesley Lowe. (Totally True Adventures! series.) “A Stepping Stone book.” Random House, 2015. $4.99. ISBN 9780553522785. 93 pgs. Ages 7-11. P6Q7

Castaldo Nellie Bly            Based on the true story of Nellie Bly who traveled around the world in 72 days.  The story has some dramatized bits to make it easier for a younger audience to read, but also has accurate historical information and fun facts about Nellie’ travels.  The word choice is easily accessible for on-grade-level readers in 4-5 grades and ties into some Social Studies themes as well.  The Race Around the World could be used as a nonfiction text for students to learn about the world as well as a biography. Includes “Extra Information” and “The Story Behind the Story.”

November 2015 review by Cody Rosenthal.


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