Book review: Missing in Action, by Dean Hughes

Hughes, Dean. Missing in Action. Atheneum, 2015 (2010). $9.99. ISBN 9781481426992. 222 pgs. Ages 12+. P7Q6

Hughes Missing in Action            This story involves an unlikely friendship between two boys.  Each boy has father issues that they are dealing with and it brings them to want to fight, but also allows them to learn about themselves. The feelings expressed by the main characters are similar to many of the feelings that adolescent boys face, so connections can be easily made even if it isn’t specifically about war.  The writing isn’t particularly graphic in nature, but is descriptive in telling the effects of war on people of all ages, but especially younger generations.

November 2015 review by Cody Rosenthal.

[Editor’s note: Jay Thacker’s half-Navajo father is missing in action during World War II.  Jay and his mother move to a small town in Utah where Jay becomes friends with Ken who lives in a nearby Japanese internment camp. While the move gives Jay the chance to avoid the bullying he has received as an Indian, his experiences also require that he examine his own prejudices against Japanese Americans.]


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