Book review: The Impossible Voyage of Kon-Tiki, by Deborah Kogan Ray

Ray, Deborah Kogan. The Impossible Voyage of Kon-Tiki. Charlesbridge, 2015. 31 pgs. Includes index. $16.95. ISBN:978-1-58089-620-7. Gr. 2+. P7 Q9

Ray Kon TikiThe voyage of the Kon-Tiki was an attempt to prove Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl’s  idea that South Pacific islands were settled by Incas who sailed from  South America using rafts, following the currents in the Pacific Ocean. This idea was scoffed at by the intellectuals of the time. To test his hypothesis, Heyerdahl built a raft and, with a crew of 5 others, went on an ocean voyage to prove his theory. He was successful, leaving Callao, Peru on April 25, 1947 and sailing for 101 days at a distance of 4,300 nautical miles to Raroia Reef, where the Kon-Tiki ran aground on August 7. Detailed watercolor illustrations and endpaper maps  help to tell the story of this amazing voyage and make the difficulties that the explorers went through come alive to the reader.

February 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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