Book review: Danger in the Darkest Hour, by Mary Pope Osborne, illustrations by Sal Murdocca

Osborne, Mary Pope. Illustrations by Sal Murdocca. Danger in the Darkest Hour. (Magic Tree House super edition series, #1.) Random House, 2015. 183 pgs. $14.99. ISBN:978-0-553-49772-4. Gr 2+. P9 Q9

Osborne Danger in the Darkest HourJack and Annie are once again on a trip with the aid of their magic tree house. They go back into time to 1942, World War II and Normandy, France. they are here to rescue their friend, Kathleen. She has written a secret code, to where she can be found. This trip brings an awareness to Jack and Annie of the tragic happenings of war and the terror that comese with it. I found myself rooting for this dynamic duo as they save their friend and survive the German soldiers. This is a super edition and written with much more in-depth information than most titles in this series. Ms. Pope was one of the earliest authors who saw a need for reading material for younger children. I was not a fan of the very early Magical Tree House series, but I have noticed her stories have become much more informational and more detailed.

February 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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