Book review: Randoms, by David Liss

Liss, David. Randoms. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2015. 485 pgs. $17.99.            ISBN:978-1-4814-1779-2.  Gr. 6+.  P8 Q9

Liss RandomsI saw Neil Armstrong, the first man to take the first step on to the moon’s surface. As a young girl I was thrilled when the new television series Star Trek appeared, a space ship that could visit planets in the far reaches of space. A love of space travel and its concept was born in me, so when I saw Randoms I just had to read it. We have watched the skies  from the beginning of time. I believe that there is life on other planets. Wouldn’t it be thrilling to be the first to make contact? Randoms, is just that–visitors from other planets make their first contact with Earth. A 12 year-old boy, Zeke Reynolds from America, is one of four who is chosen to represent Earth for a mission to the visitor’s planet. Zeke can’t figure out why he was chosen, as there isn’t a thing that makes him stand out. The other three children who are chosen all have something that makes them special. Zeke, discovers that he and four others, from different planets have been chosen because they are just normal, there is nothing extraordinary about them. I loved this book it was fast paced and there are creatures that I would love to see and meet. It was a story about the underdogs who save the day. This book needs to be included in all middle school and public libraries.

February 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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