Book review: Feet, Go to Sleep, by Barbara Bottner, illustrated by Maggie Smith

Bottner, Barbara. Feet, Go to Sleep. Illustrated by Maggie Smith. Alfred A. Knopf, 2015. unp. $16.99.   ISBN: 978-0-449-81325-6. Gr. 1+. P7 Q7

Bottner Feet Go to SleepA young girl goes to bed and her mother comes to tuck her in, but the girl is wide awake. Starting with her feet the young girl tells her feet to go to sleep. The activities that her feet did that day were shared with her mother. A small picture is inset in the larger picture as each part of her body is told to go sleep. The day activities of the part of her body are shown in the large picture.

February 2016 review by Carol Bernardi.


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