Book review: The Stars Never Rise, by Rachel Vincent

Vincent, Rachel. The Stars Never Rise. Delacorte Press, 2015. ISBN 978-0-385-74417-1. $17.99. 359 pgs. Grades 7+. P8 Q7

Vincent Stars Never RiseThis is a fast paced thriller with demons and a church that controls every aspect of life. With an unruly younger sister and a deadbeat mother, Nina’s life is tough. A century ago the church and their exorcists rid most of America from the demon horde and took over “protecting” the innocent. Nina’s life is turned upside down when her sister tells her she is pregnant, which is forbidden, and she kills her demon mother. She is rescued by Finn when the church police arrive to take her and her sister away. The story ends with the three of them escaping into the badlands leading to the next book in this series.

January 2016 review by Patty Dodson.

[Editor’s note: Reviewers of The Stars Never Rise called it dystopian, paranormal, urban fiction and suggested that the ending allows for series treatment.]


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