Book review: Monster: a Graphic Novel, by Walter Dean Myers, adapted by Guy A. Sims, illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile

Myers, Walter Dean. Adapted by Guy A. Sims. Monster: A Graphic Novel. Illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile. Amistad /HarperCollins, 2015. $17.99. ISBN 9780062275004. 153 Pgs. Ages 14+. P7Q7

Myers MonsterThis is a graphic novel adaptation of Walter Dean Myers’ Monster.  The main character, Steve Harmon is a teenager awaiting trial for robbery and murder while in juvenile detention.  The black and white artwork adds to the drama of the story and the facial expressions and close-ups of the characters are intriguing and add a certain amount of spirit to the story.  Since I have not read the original story of Monster I looked up reviews written by others who had read the original as well as this graphic novel and the consensus is that the original is better and the the graphic novel “does not maintain the strength or style” of the original (Andrea Lipinski, New York Public Library).  However, I enjoyed this graphic novel version and was impressed that such a serious subject could be approached in this way.

January 2016 review by Cody Rosenthal.


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