Book review: Carrots Like Peas and Other Fun Facts, by Hannah Eliot, illustrated by Aaron Spurgeon

Eliot, Hannah. Illustrated Aaron Spurgeon. Carrots Like Peas and Other Fun Facts. Little Simon, 2015. $17.99. ISBN 978-1-4814-3541-3. Unp. Ages 4-8. P8 Q8

Eliot Carrots Like PeasThis book uses cute animals dressed in vegetable costumes to teach about things like carrots having beta-carotene, vitamin A and that the world’s longest carrot was 19 feet long. The story even talks about companion planting and how some plants help keep insects away from each other etc. Peas and carrots are companion plants as peas add nitrogen to the soil and help carrots grow. There are facts about corn, peas, carrots, candy, outer space, chocolate, brain freezes, inventions, patents, sandwiches, potato chips, apples, raspberries, dragon fruit, popsicles, chocolate-chip cookies, cotton candy, peanut butter, pasta, and food fights. The last page has more fun facts. The story is jammed with facts that go from one to another like a stream of consciousness. This reminds me of a small child asking why and then getting an answer and asking why again.

December 2015 review by Melinda Dye.


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