Book review: Silence, by Deborah Lytton

Lytton, Deborah. Silence. Shadow Mountain, 2015. $17.99. ISBN 978-1-60907-945-1. 320 pages. Grades 7-12. P8Q8

Lytton SilenceStella and Hayden, two high school teens sharing outcast qualities.  Stella is the new girl at school, beautiful, quiet, uninterested in popularity, and a gifted singer.  Hayden is a piano genius, handsome, but stutters every sentence, keeping him quiet.  The two are intensely drawn together after Hayden accompanies Stella’s solo as Maria in West Side Story. After a sudden accident, Stella’s musical career and hopes for someday Broadway are whisked away in an instant. She wakes up silent, unable to hear.  Hayden becomes her biggest inspiration and support as she recovers and learns to live life without sound. What a lovely story of young romance, survival, discovering oneself, acceptance, and finding the unexpected beauties in life. This is perfectly appropriate, appealing to young adults interested in romance novels.  The advanced reader’s edition is uncorrected and has some errors; once edited, the story will read smoothly.

December 2015 review by Andrea Kopshever.


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