Book review: Wonders of the Invisible World, by Christopher Barzak

Barzak, Christopher. Wonders of the Invisible World. Alfred A. Knopf, 2015.  $17.99. ISBN:9780385392792.  338p. Gr. 9-12. P7 Q8

Barzak Wonders of the Invisible WorldExquisitely told through 17-yr-old Aidan’s narration, Wonders weaves a rich tapestry of psychic power, gay love, tragedy, and magic. When childhood friend Jarrod moves back to Aiden’s small farm community, Aiden is forced to reconcile his loss of memory and family connection. Aiden learns that his mother is a seer and gradually comes to grips with his own psychic abilities. Aiden and Jarrod make a pilgrimage to Lily Dale, NY, a famous psychic mecca, in order to understand what curse had befallen Aiden’s family. In the end, Aiden comes to grips with his psychic ability, sexual orientation and his past. Barzak does a great job of building suspense, but at times the story is too plodding and repetitious.

November 2015 review by L.F., NHS Staff.


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