Book review: Violent Ends

Violent Ends. Simon Pulse, 2015.  $17.99  ISBN: 9781481437455.   352p. Gr. 9-12. P5 Q6

Violent EndsThis book was about a boy named Kirby who shoots up a school, killing 6 and injuring 5 others. The story is told through 17 different points of view from people who knew Kirby and what happened to them after the shooting. This book was difficult to read, as 17 different authors write each point of view and it made the story more disjointed. Overall, the story line is very interesting and in-depth, with a lot of realistic dialog and emotions.

November 2015 review by K.W., NHS Senior

[Editor’s note: Eighteen authors of young adult works wrote seventeen short stories about a high school shooting in this anthology.  The points of view range from the shooter’s ex-girlfriend, to the boy who bullied him in first grade,  to a stalker, to the gun used in the murders, etc.]


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